Neet Stuff – Summer 2013

University of Calgary

University of Calgary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the summer officially over with the Labour Day weekend, I thought I would recap some  random things that I find ‘neet’.

There were many things that were neet but this is a sample of events that happened to me and the people near and dear to me in the Summer of 2013.

  1. V is fearless. V is brave.  She is not afraid of heights or speed.  She has a sparkle in her eye when she’s climbing at the top of something very dangerous or is going very, very fast.  Good lord, help me!
  2. Every year we commit to try out new camping places.  This year we went to Medicine Lake up near ‘beautiful’ Rimby for the Canada Day long weekend.  Very peaceful.
  3. I love life as a student — almost completed my Professional Management Certificate at University of Calgary.  I completed my Human Resources Management Certificate in 2012 and soon I’ll have another certificate under my belt. A super cool thing is that I was able to get Education Leave from work this summer so I could take classes.  Super cool.  One of the classes was HR Perspectives on Work-Life Balance which is kind of ironic in the fact that I was taking that course and I was a single mom (hubby out of town working) and I was super busy with V and life.  Is there any balance in that?

    Calgary Zoo

    Calgary Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  4. The Calgary Zoo reopended from the flood!  Baby penguins!
  5. @CenturyHomesYYC is really cool.  Century Homes Calgary highligts and celebrates heritage homes that were built during Calgary’s first building boom.  There are several in our area and I have been taking photos of them on my Instagram.  I really enjoy the history and checking out the stories behind some of these homes.  Check out the “Birdhouse” that is very close to where we live.  I love how some residents post their personal descriptions of their homes.  It’s called the “Birdhouse” because there’s a tiny birdhouse at the top.  By the way, the house sits on a huge lot which is really unheard of near downtown Calgary.    There is also the “Pushing Petals Flower Store” on 5th Avenue NW that used to be a grocery store.  This is a great pace to buy flowers by the way.
  6. We finally got around to watching Season 3 of Game of Thrones and really liked the “Red Wedding” episode that
    Game of Thrones Red Wedding Humour courtesy of Pinterest - a little geek humour for you

    Game of Thrones Red Wedding Humour courtesy of Pinterest – a little geek humour for you

    everyone was talking about.  My hubby and I like to geek out and watch this show together.  He has been away for work so we finally had a chance to see the entire season.  What a great show!  When the “Red Wedding” epidsode first aired, I stayed away from social media to avoid any spoilers.  I’m glad I did.  It was a shocking episode but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I can’t believe all the outrage some people have over it.  Here’s a site that shows some of the most angriest reactions — very good.

  7. Speaking of weddings…  We went to a wedding that was so not like the “Red Wedding”!  Congratulations to my cousin Lindsay and her new husband Aaron.  It was a beautiful wedding and it was well worth the trip up to Fort St. John. V was very excited to see the wedding and ‘helped’ by lining up petals before the ceremony.  The ceremony was set at a location that was like a scene out of a movie – in a field overlooking the Peace River valley.  It was absolutely stunning!  It was a great weekend with family.
  8. It was very sad to see Granny Bulman pass away but it was very cool to catch up with cousins and get together with family.  Granny would of really appreciated a family gathering that happened in mid August. RIP Granny.  Granny, you were always a ‘stickler’for detail and I know that  I inherited from you.  Granny was always very organized and I know for certain I got her organizational skills from her.  I always get super excited on how to organize my life better.  (Hello! have you not seen my Pinterest boards!)
  9. My super cool husband gave me a ‘mini kid free vacation’!  He has been racking up hotel points with all of his work travel so he came back from his last trip and book two nights for me – just me to stay at a posh hotel in the city.  It was fantastic to sleep and sleep and after some sleep, I did what I wanted.
  10. Calgary Pride was fabulous!  My very first Pride Parade.  It was very fun and it’s important to support this community.

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